UdS - Klinik für Zahnerhaltung

The main research focus of the Clinic of operative Dentistry, Periodontology and Preventive Dentistry is the investigation of bio-adhesion processes and interfacial interactions at solid and soft oral surfaces (tooth, dental materials, mucosa, gingiva) using in situ models. our long term goal is the development of novel preventive strategies to control the formation of pathogenic biofilms that cause caries and periodontal disease. For this purpose, biofilm formation is studied on the molecular level, and new nanotechnological approaches are applied for the modification of intraorally formed biofilms (bio-inspired and bio-mimetical biofilm management).
Molecular biological, biochemical and microbiological methods are used to investigate and characterize the in situ formed biofilm. Furthermore, scanning and transmission electron microscopic analyses are adopted for the investigation of interfacial phenomena on soft and solid substrates exposed in the oral cavity. recently, electron microscopic detection of nanoparticles in biofilms has been focused.



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Präventive Zahnheilkunde
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